Friday, July 08, 2011

The War on Food: are we Winning or Losing?

Federal, State and Local governments continue to pour money and manpower into the War on Food, but who's winning?

Here's a brief selection of examples from 2011 to 2008:

"Government regulation ... requires costly procedures that drive small producers out of the market without necessarily improving the quality of food."

“Mandatory menu labeling did not promote healthier food-purchasing behavior.”

"Growing too many vegetables is illegal"

The War on Lunch:

Hot Dog Wars

"Nationwide, fancy juices and venti mocha Frappuccinos remain almost completely untouched by sin surcharges, while a bodega bottle of Sprite brings down the wrath of the taxman. "

Regulation and enforcement? Failed.

Minimalist "education?" Failed.

"Sin tax?" Failed.

While waving the flag of "health concerns" Federal, State and City governments grow steadily more "obese" at the tax trough while protecting their business partners.

Small business, local producers and tax-payers are not welcome at the table.

Amplify’d from
America continues to get fatter, according to a comprehensive new report on the nation's weight crisis. Statistics for 2008-2010 show that 16 states are experiencing steep increases in adult obesity, and none has seen a notable downturn in the last four years.

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