Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hello. I'm Drew. I'm a voter.

Tom Knapp over at C4SS manned up and admitted he has a problem.

He's a voter.

Well that monkey's on my back too, and he's got his teeth in my neck pretty deep.

"Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made." ~ Otto von Bismarck

Voting is indeed part of the ugly, filthy, bloody, bone-grinding process of turning your hopes, dreams, ideals and principles into law sausages and I'm hooked. I don't vote to "win." What is there to win? I vote so the sleazy spin-meisters of the Demopublican elite know what extra hoops they have to jump through before they can even dream of getting my vote.

And I won't vote for them. I'm cruel that way.

Some say "If voting could change anything they'd make it illegal." Did that work for booze? Has "making it illegal" worked for pot, sex, cheating on your income tax? No.

If voting could change anything they'd regulate it, making sure you could only do it at approved times in approved places for approved reasons.

And if they don't approve, it doesn't count.

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Yes, I voted. Schlepped down to the polling place on Tuesday, presented my papers, and poked the screen until the machine informed me that I had successfully cast my ballot.

The anarchist arguments against voting (“it only encourages them;” “if it changed anything, they’d make it illegal;” “it falsely legitimizes the system”) all strike me as sound, although Murray Rothbard’s “voting as self-defense” argument holds some water, too.

The “voting as self-defense” bit was part of what got me this time (this one last time, just this one last time, I keep promising myself).